Sammi’s Clean Bliss Balls

Every good blog needs a Bliss Ball recipe and this one is a hit for all ages.
We wanted to keep the recipe with minimal ingredients, easy to make and also mostly allergen free.
The nuts are a fantastic source of healthy fats but if you are restricted for school reasons then you can replace them with more Quinoa, puffed Rice or more Seeds – be sure to keep to the same quantity.

I made these for my daughters third birthday party and popped sticks into them and dipped them in some Raw Chocolate i made. They were the perfect little “cake pops” and i knew that not only were they homemade and free of any nasties but they were actually really good for them.

Sammi's Clean Bliss Balls

Sammi’s Clean Bliss Balls

1C puffed Organic Quinoa.
1/4C Sesame Seeds.
1/4C Chia Seeds.
1/4C Sunflower Seeds.
1C Macadamia/Almond or Cashews.
1tblsp Maca Powder.
1C organic or home dried Dates and Cranberries.
3/4C Raw Organic Honey.
1/4C Tahini.

Pulse all dry ingredients for 2mins – or finely chop.
In a separate bowl mix the Tahini and honey together and slowly add to your dry mix until all is combined.
Roll into 2cm bite size balls and dust in cacao, sesame seeds or shredded coconut and place in an airtight container in fridge or freezer.

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