Roast Vegetable and Lamb Salad with Tangy Mint Dressing

Salads can be served warm, they don’t have to use standard “salad” ingredients and you can turn them into a filling and wholesome meal. I love Lamb salads, backstrap is such a lovely cut of meat and suits these types of salads so well.
They don’t require many ingredients but are packed full of flavour. Make sure you are using quality ingredients – organic and in season where possible.

Roast Vegetable and Lamb Salad

1 portion Lamb back strap.
1 Carrot – halved lengthways and chopped.
1/4 Red Capsicum – cut into chunks.
1/2 Brown Onion – cut into chunks.
2 Zucchini – peeled into ribbons with vegetable peeler.
1tsp Coconut Oil – for roasting.
1tsp Ghee – for roasting.
Salt and Pepper to season.

Refer to Tangy Mint Dressing Recipe – one serve.

Add Oil and Ghee to an oven safe frying pan and place into a preheated 200 degree oven until hot.
Remove pan and add Onion, Capsicum, Carrot and season before placing back into oven to roast off for 15mins or half cooked.
Remove from oven and place onto high heat on stove.
Add Lamb and sear off on all sides, return to oven.
Cook in oven for 5mins (or until Lamb is cooked to your preference) and remove to rest.
Then peel your Zucchini into a deep bowl and pour over boiling water.
Remove Zucchini immediately onto paper towel then transfer into bowl.
Add half your dressing, then add roast vegetables and Lamb.
Pour remainder of dressing onto the top of Lamb before serving.

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