Caramelised Bacon, Leek and Pine Nut Salad

Caramelised Bacon, Leek and Pine Nut Salad.

Caramelised Bacon, Leek and Pine Nut Salad.

Salads really don’t get enough recognition! They are so much more than some lettuce and chopped veg on the side of a plate.
Over the warmer months we like to take our salads and make them our meal.
There are no limits, it’s easy and fun to mix up the ingredients and try new things.

1 whole Leek – sliced into rings and washed very well to remove all dirt.
4 rashers Bacon – sliced.
1 Sweet Potato – sliced or diced.
1 Brown Onion – roughly chopped.
1/2C Pine Nuts.
2tsp Olive Oil.
2tsp Ghee (or 1tsp Butter and 1tsp Olive Oil).
Pinch of Salt and Pepper.

Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
Place onions and sweet potato into a bowl and toss with a 2tsp of Olive Oil and a pinch of Salt and Pepper.
Place onto a lined tray and bake until tender, around 30 minutes.
In a large frying pan place 2tsp Ghee and all of your Leeks in and slowly let them cook down until they are soft and starting to caramelise, around 10 minutes.
Remove Leeks from the pan and set aside.
Add your Bacon straight into same pan and also allow it to slowly cook down and when you see it starting to crisp up it can be removed and placed with Leeks.
Finally, add your Pine Nuts to the same pan and agitate them over the same heat until they begin to colour. At that point you can remove them from the heat.

To serve this I found an open bowl was best and layering the ingredients so you are sure to get a little something with every mouthful.

Serves 2 adults.

Food prep.

Food prep.

If you have the time then allow your Leeks to sit for around 5 minutes after cutting them. This enhances their health promoting qualities.

It’s also recommended to make your serve of Leeks a substantial one when you do include them in a meal and this is a great way to do so.

Sweet Potatoes are hight nutritious but keep in mind they are high in carbohydrates. A great alternative would be Pumpkin.

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